Pre-Thankgiving Thanks

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Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks.

On my birthday and after one year in Red Wing, MN.


Greetings family and friends,

Though our world and our country remain often troubled and seemingly intractably divided, I choose to write publicly today about my gratitude for this past year.

I have made many new friends after moving to Red Wing in October 2015.  And of course I have endeavored to see and stay in touch with longtime friends elsewhere in the state, the country and the world.  Hanging in so far I think – let me know if otherwise dear friends!

I am grateful for a small but growing private music therapy practice in the Red Wing and Twin Cities areas.

I am also grateful for bar tending work at the wonderful Oliver’s Wine Bar in Red Wing and for my cozy abode right above it.  Thank you Tom Quanrud and Brian Schneider!

I am grateful also for more recent opportunities to teach ukulele (and possibly guitar in 2017) to new students through Tree Strings Guitar Shop in Red Wing.  Thank you Brian Stewart!

And of course music gives the soul expression.  I have been fortunate to gig further in the past year – either by myself or with dear friends and colleagues Natalia Peterson, Esther Gullixson and Christie Lange.  Thank you all and thanks to all who come to see us play!

I am also so grateful to have been able to release a CD of songs written (or co-written with friend James Demgen) some years ago but which now have finally seen the light of day.  And HERE is where you can get it.  That’s 

To quote the late great David Bowie “I can’t give everything away” and “Try some, buy some.”  Soooooooooooo…if you haven’t bought it, please consider doing so!  Also see my other recordings here.  Thank you also to Kaleb Northrup for my new and much-improved web site!

I have thought it best to commit to a three-year plan in Red Wing at this time in my life.  It is possible however that my maternal grandfather Gerhard Alexis’ voice may call from a century ago and tell me to follow his footsteps sooner than later.  That is, to study music (or of course music therapy) at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm Sweden.  One day to be sure.  When I don’t yet know.  I will keep you apprised.

Until then, I express my gratitude to and for all of you – for everyone and for everything, every day and always.


David provides music for friend and MT colleague Melissa Hirokawa’s wedding to Bill Spiess in upstate New York, July 9 2016.