While I love to sing the unplugged version of this song live with guitar, here is the wonderful groove version!  Cool track from Jimmy and a haunting effect on my voice.

Jimmy first wrote this song circa 1984.  He wasn’t quite sure about his lyrics in the third verse so he welcomed me to write some new words there and make a few other changes within the song.

In 2002, we recorded a version with some more lyric changes from me for the Peace on Earth CD, produced by Toby Thomas of Silver Moon Music.

For those sessions, Jimmy had also come up with this groove arrangement and track.  He had lots of experience in the 1980’s grooving as such since he was a member of King’s English, a wonderful white boy pop/soul group that was then signed to Flyte Tyme records.  Excuse me but why did they not become famous?!  Thankfully you can still see the video for their wonderful song Miracle Worship.


All is lost they say

All hope hanging by a fraying rope

All of time they say will pass

Desert through an hourglass


I have heard the warnings

I’ve heard them all

But I have never had my back up against the wall

When will I fall?


As our cold and lonely world

From its catapult is hurled

All our lifetimes passing by

Stars across an evening sky


As we seek shelter in the things we do

Can we ever find comfort when the lies of life become true?

Then are we through?


Then the younger memory fades

Sunlight through the window shades

Taking family and friends

Never to come back again


All life’s battles carried

Those you lost and won

All the dreams that failed and all the things we left undone

What will they become?


Will I be the last to know?

Or will I be the first to go?

Or will I hear the call?

Or will I fall?