I have always enjoyed presenting at music therapy conferences and at other venues as well – community centers, care centers, churches, schools and more.

What follows are handouts or slides of three of my past music therapy presentations.  I hope they are helpful and interesting to you!  Please contact me with your thoughts and questions.

My work with hospice patients from quite diverse backgrounds has been presented as Everything Relates to Everything: Multicultural Experiences in Hospice Music Therapy.

The most recent version of my presentation on the Reverie Harp is entitled Enhancing Techniques and Expanding Repertoire for the Reverie Harp in Lullaby Tuning.

And the most recent version of my presentation on how I use the Suzuki Q chord is entitled Adapting the Instrument: Therapeutic Uses of the Q chord.

Lastly, here is a video I did for MusicMakers in Stillwater, Minnesota.  They make the Reverie Harp and many other wonderful instruments!  The video is a mini-version of my Reverie Harp presentation referenced above and one in which I demonstrate how I use the Harp in its Lullaby tuning.