This is a fictional song I wrote in the mid 1990’s about love lost and found, revolving around a vision quest to the South Dakota Badlands.  I’ll make it there one day.  For the time being, that hope lives within this song.  I played the instruments and sang the vocals.  Yes, that is a rain stick in the mix!


Seems to me that to be free now

I must leave it all

At the wheel all roads appeal

To heed the author’s call


All the wrong words said

Eyes that cried and pleaded

While you’re tearing blind

I won’t look behind ‘cause


I let you down

Not to be found

I let you down

All for the sound of other voices


Crazy Horse don’t need the force

While in his resting place

Should I laugh?

No photograph was taken of his face


Yet the places here

Take away all my fear

On a falling star

I will be where you are


I’ll come around

On sacred ground

I’ll come around

Heeding the sound of charging horses


Visions hold what’s been foretold

I lay me down to sleep

Love the cure

Of this I’m sure:

My soul is yours to keep


Leave the angry lines

And the road back unwinds

Know that where I’m at

I am full of thanks that


You came around

Heaven come down

You came around

Without a sound, illumination


I’ve come around

To your solid ground

I’ve come around

Without a sound…