On August 26, 1994, three St. Paul police officers were fatally shot by a troubled young man.  My friend Tom’s sister Ann became a widow that day, her husband Ron Ryan Jr. having been the first officer slain.  The others were Tim Jones and his K-9 dog (and officer!) Laser, a German shepherd.  I thought of Ann and wrote this song.


Everybody everywhere

Heavy burdens we must share

With you gone

Don’t want to go on

Prove me wrong


Everybody everywhere

Love the fruit that we must bear

And in time

Still we may find peace of mind

Peace of mind


Now as I look to heaven in the night

The sky no longer shines as bright

Where once were lights and lasers found

Stars above have now come falling down



Love the promise yet to come

There’s a place we’ll see your face: state of grace

State of grace

Lead us to the state of grace