In the mid 1990’s Jimmy played me a slower version of the progression you hear in the final version of this song.  I drew on several theater-related metaphors and influences to write the lyrics (including Utopia’s “Bad Little Actress”, the lyric and chorus progression of which I believe were written by Todd Rundgren – again, what a surprise!).  Jimmy and I sped up his original tempo, added various live or tracked instruments and wound up with the version included on the CD.  Were I to update this song, it would be called “Seeking Jennifer” and would include some rewritten lyrics.  But then again, even the late and very great Prince Rogers Nelson once told his listeners “in this digital age, U could just page me.”  I’m sure you’ll understand that if it’s good enough for Prince…well, you know…


Paging Jennifer

I’ve got a message for her

Paging Jennifer

It’s time to make the offer of my script

The other actresses eclipsed by Jennifer


As she read for me

It was her face that haunted

Woke the dead in me

Her voice remained undaunted by the field

A new religion now revealed in Jennifer


Audition’s over now

I don’t need direction how to act the part of one who’s falling in love

Strange sense of comedy

This growing urgency to make good this connection

Or I’ll be needing help from above


Paging Jennifer

The message not received

Paging Jennifer

Won’t let myself believe she’d turn me down

That I’d forever play the clown for Jennifer


Tragedy in three acts

As I fall through the cracks

And watch her flying high upon a career

In an extended run I would become undone

Her method brings my madness which won’t be playing same time next year


Paging Jennifer

So many parts before her

Paging Jennifer

Silently I implore her not to leave

I need the art that is conceived in Jennifer


Paging Jennifer

The message has been taken

And within her answer

It seems I am forsaken in the end

But all my feelings still begin in Jennifer


She’s not the one who’s cried, fallen apart inside

She’ll play that on the stage but not in her head

In her soliloquy she made it clear to me

She won’t be traveling my way

But playing other venues instead


Paging Jennifer

No further message for her