This is a song Jimmy had started writing in the early/mid 1990’s.  He had the piano part of course and the title.  I fleshed out the lyrics as well as the vocal arrangement and we recorded it in early 1994.  I was proud to sing this at his wedding later that same year!


Some see the world too often dull and gray

With all we have I think there’s so much more to say

Palette and brush no more a lifeless hue

Bold masterpiece!

No matter where I go with you

Outside the cold chills to the very soul

Somehow the fires burn anew

No matter where I go with you


Some turn away

Avert their gaze in fear

With open eyes so many wonders can appear

Though darkness falls

No sadness will come through

Light always shines

No matter where I go with you


Thunder may sound

Rain could be pouring down

Somehow the skies are always blue

No matter where I go with you


Now let us gaze through this window in time

Always how the sun brightly shines

Bringing clear days

As we touch love divine

I will follow your heart’s cue

No matter where it leads me to with you


Some stake their claim to blindness self-imposed

With open minds we know the future’s never closed

Courses to chart and promised lands in view

Journeys begin

No matter where I go with you


And truth be told

Though we grow old

Deep within our souls

Somehow our love is ever new

No matter where I go with you

With you