My nod to our forebears and those who created this uniquely American style of music. Heartaches by the number indeed.  I played the instruments, sequenced the track and sang the vocals.


One frosty morning

We were walking hand in hand

Was a frosty morning

As we strolled throughout our land


Autumn harvest was in and pasture freshly mown

What good land it had been, we had reaped what we had sown*


That frosty morning

As we made our way around

On a frosty morning

You know she didn’t make a sound


I thought she was quietly listening to the birds and willows crying

Now I know what I missed then and it makes me feel like dying


One frosty morning

I awoke to find her gone

Such a frosty morning

Still can’t figure what went wrong


She never told me her sorrow

Or that our love was a lie

Now to haunt my tomorrows

Here’s a note that says “goodbye”


Oh lady

Why’d you decide on leaving?


All I got left is my grieving

The winter’s cold must have put a chill in your soul for me


Now I shuffle through leaves in the yard

Feel the air that’s getting colder

Never dreamed it could be so hard

To be alone and feeling older

On this frosty morning

Such a frosty morning

Frosty morning


*When I sing this song live I change the lyric to:

Autumn harvest was in and the pasture taking rest

What good land it had been, we had sown and reaped our best