An offering of musical solace during challenging times:  Thirteen songs to soothe you and I hope, inspire and transform you.  Released on September1, 2020.  Visit my page to listen to the songs and to purchase digitally or in hard copy.  Credits and notes about the music are included.
Melbye CD Cover 200 Released on May 1, 2016, this CD is a collection of songs mostly written (or co-written with James Demgen) between 1989 and 1996.  I am so pleased these songs are finally coming Into The Light Of Day!

Read more about this CD, including credits, lyrics and notes about the songs on the Light Of Day CD page.

cd_cover_200 Find much more information on In My Grandfather’s Day: The Music of Gerhard Theodore Alexis on the Alexis CD page.

Collaborations and Contributions:

The Muse herself, Carolyn Koebel, has produced yet another special collection of Christmas/Holiday music for the season (and for the pandemic!)  As usual many wonderful artists are featured.  I am honored that Carolyn included my work as arranger, guitarist, bassist and/or harmony singer on a number of pieces.  She has also graciously included my solo rendition of När juldagsmorgon glimmar (When Christmas Morn is Dawning.)  Find this piece by clicking on the preceding link.  You will find more of my music on that page as well.  Listen to and purchase the entire collection (name your price!) at Carolyn’s page.  2020.

Carolyn Koebel has produced yet another inspirational collection in Honoring the Passage II: More Voices from Hospice Music Therapy. This CD features touching original songs and arrangements by numerous hospice music therapists and serves as a fitting and moving follow-up to 2014’s 3-CD collection Honoring the Passage. My contributions in various guises (harmony singer and vocal arranger, guitarist, bassist, Native American flutist) may be heard on four of the sixteen songs.  Available on Carolyn’s page.  2019.
Dear friend and respected music therapy colleague Carolyn Koebel produced this reflective collection of nineteen Christmas and Holiday Season pieces, many well-known but not all!  My arrangement of “Var hälsad, sköna morgonstund” (All Hail to Thee, O Blessed Morn!) appears alongside the work of numerous other musicians on this thoughtful CD entitled Love’s Pure Light.  Available on Carolyn’s page.  2017.
Carolyn Koebel continues her always-inspiring collaborative adventures with a great variety of musicians.  Devotions on a Theme of Oneness, Vol. 1 collects fourteen devotional pieces from numerous traditions, including my musical setting of the Bahá’í prayer “Blessed Is The Spot.”  Available on Carolyn’s page.  2016.
Carolyn Koebel has released yet another wonderful compilation, Devotions on a Theme of Love, Vol II. She describes the album beautifully:

“This album marks a survey of the past 20+ years of my collaborative music-making…which is, at its very heart, an act of devotion, an expression of love. All of the artists appearing on this collection have been near and dear to my heart over my years of creative musical expression. We’ve all shared tremendous history, heart, and countless memories.”

My a capella version of Carolyn’s song “In Our Hearts” is included. Available on Carolyn’s page. 2020.

bethpatterson2[1] Produced by Carolyn Koebel, Beth Patterson’s Ponder Anew is a stunning statement of faith featuring Beth’s wonderful original songs, Carolyn’s multi-genre arrangements and of course Carolyn’s playing all over the place! I played bass on a number of songs and added harmony vocals to the traditional hymn “Jesus Paid It All.” Beth has the voice of an angel and, along with Carolyn, should be famous!  Available on Beth’s page.  2015.

honor My colleague, friend and muse Carolyn Koebel produced this 3-CD collection Honoring the Passage: Voices from Hospice Music Therapy & beyond. It features music created by over forty hospice music therapists and musicians. Six of my songs and arrangements are included as are my instrumental and vocal contributions to two of Carolyn’s pieces. Available on Carolyn’s page. 2014.

collected Displaying her love of working with an amazing variety of musicians and her always astonishing percussion work, Carolyn Koebel’s Collected Works Vol III: Collaborations includes fourteen songs and over one hour of music. For her song “From Tagore (revisited)”, I added lead acoustic guitar, backing vocals and electric bass. Available on Carolyn’s page. 2014.

rundgren In 1991, Mitch Cooper of Third Lock Records produced For the Love of Todd: A Tribute to Todd Rundgren. To my knowledge, it was the first Todd Rundgren cover/tribute CD ever and featured some established and very cool artists like Mitch Easter and Don Dixon as well as some almost entirely unknown ones, like me. My a cappela version of “The Wheel” is included. This CD is still available through TR Bazaar!

rundgren2 In 1995, Mitch did it again. This time a double CD set titled Still There is More…A Tribute to Todd Rundgren, Part II. While this collection is no longer in print, you can still find an entry at TR Bazaar. My contribution is a cover of Nazz’s “Gonna Cry Today.” If Todd had chosen to update this song instead of (or at the same time as) “Hello It’s Me”, it might have sounded something like this:

      Gonna Cry Today

living In 2005,  Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) collaborated with Hospice Minnesota (now Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care) to produce the documentary film Living With Hospice.  It was lovingly directed by Daniel Bergin and features touching stories of patients and families as well as interviews with caregivers.  My music therapy work with a patient is included and I provided the solo guitar music used as the soundtrack.  You may view Living With Hospice here.  Support TPT here!  While the music I provided is not available as a recording, click below to hear one of the songs included in the film, the beloved hymn “Day by Day.”

      Day by Day

rythmus My friend Tom Rime wrote and produced this 1993 project Rhythmus: Love In A Violent World with his friend Frank Haugland. I added electric and classical guitars as well as backing vocals to a number of the songs. Available at  My review once appeared on Rhythmus’ page.  Since that online store is no more, I am pleased to share it here:

Tom wears his heart on his sleeve and sings from that same full heart – about love, loss, family, society, peace and more. If you like bright ear-catching melodies, moving ballads and a dose or more of straight ahead rocking, this CD is for you. Full disclosure:

I appeared on this record as a guitarist and backing singer. I’m biased in favor of my friend and his music…and proud of it!

IMG_0719 In 2002, Toby Thomas of Silver Moon Records produced Peace on Earth, a collection of Christmas-themed songs by a variety of artists. “Will I Fall?” is an original song penned by my longtime friend and collaborator James Demgen. For this project I re-wrote some of the words with Jim’s blessing, sang lead and added acoustic guitar. Jimmy as always provides the wonderful piano work.  This CD is no longer available, but visit Silver Moon Music to check out other CDs they continue to produce.

      Will I Fall?