Can’t Believe It

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Whaddya mean, can’t believe it?!


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I am grateful to my young and talented Bellingham, Washington friends, Zach Cook and Rosie Matsumoto (known collectively as Lonely Together) for writing and recording this GREAT song and for welcoming me to cover it!  (I should add that Zach, as a solo artist, is also known as SAFE TRVLS.)

The video of Can’t Believe It, directed by the equally young and gifted Dante Check, is even better than listening to the song alone:  Check out the kids having a blast while dancing all night long (they really did!), as well as the inebriated chaperone briefly halting the party mid-song, yelling “HEY!  Knock that off, you hooligans!”  Ah, but the song begins again and the kids dance on!  Zach and Rosie look great and the joy is infectious!

At the time I arranged and recorded Can’t Believe It, I was teaching a variety of instruments, including Ukulele, at the Bellinghome School of Music in Bellingham, WA.  Zach was ably handling admin duties at the front desk on weekdays.  During breaks between my students, Zach and I always enjoyed speaking about music, artists we admired, and Zach had to listen repeatedly to how much I loved this song.  So…since I also love to ROCKIFY the Uke, I chose it as the main accompaniment for my arrangement.

I sang all of the vocal parts and played rhythm and lead Ukulele parts on my Cordoba Concert Uke, as well as the harmonics on my Teton Baritone Uke.  Toward the song’s end, you hear a sampled cabasa (Thanks to whomever you are that lives inside of GarageBand!) as well as an actual live maraca (that really wanted to be heard!)  The final words…er…squawks…were provided by the avians I will credit as The Bellingham Birds – a rather vocal gaggle I recorded in rural Whatcom County, WA in late January 2023 and decided that they needed to have the final say/sounds in this song!

I hope you all DIG my arrangement!  Great big thanks to Zach and Rosie – I love you both!

AND love and thanks also to Ellie Wolverton (my former guitar student at the Bellinghome School and another young and gifted Star-To-Be) for mastering my version of Can’t Believe It.



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Credit where it’s due (!):

Can’t Believe It

Written by Zachary “Zach” Cook and Rosalie “Rosie” Matsumoto

Arranged, performed, and mixed by David

Mastered by Ellie Wolverton

Cover Art by Kaleb Northrup and David

From the original photo (which includes the double rainbow!) by Sara Sheaffer. Whatcom County, WA. July 17, 2019